Taking Your Dog With You?

We are huge dog lovers, so we are always looking for opportunities to take our dog with us when we go on vacation. There are certain things to consider though, when you are planning to take a vacation with your pet. People will of course think about things like booking pet-friendly lodging, but they often overlook a few other things like these:

dog on vacation

What are you planning to do on vacation?

Think properly about whether your dog will have fun while you are all away. What are you planning to do there? Go to the beach? Fantastic!! Take long hikes? Wonderful!! Just chill out? Terrific! But if you are planning to go to Disneyland all day, your dog may not have that great a time stuck in some random kennel somewhere. (Most hotels will not allow dogs to stay unsupervised in the room.) Or if you are planning on being in some museum all day, then your dog is just going to be waiting and waiting and waiting in some strange environment. So when you think about taking your dog with you, make sure it is the kind of vacation where it make sense to take him or her.

Don’t forget the food and water and other stuff:

When you pack for yourself, pack for your dog too. You may want to carry his or her food with you, in case it’s not available where you are going. Also, giving your dog food that he/she is unfamiliar with all of a sudden may cause stomach upsets – not something that you or your do need, especially when you want to have a great vacation! Also remember to pack a bowl for food and one for water – there are many great travel ones available.

As usual, safety first!

We are all about fun, yes, but also about safety. When you are going away to a strange place, the last thing you need is your beloved dog getting lost! So make sure you keep him on leash as much as possible. But if you are going to let him off-leash, on a trail or on a beach or some such, then make sure you have a good tracker on your dog. (Check out this review of the Findster Duo)

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